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Having very bad WiFi streaming and general web page loading with new iPad Air, far slower than iPad Gen 1 (iOS 5) and iPhone (iOS 7).


Speed test results using same speed test app all devices pointed to same Clifton NJ server.


Download speeds:


iPad Air: .26 Mbps

iPhone 5: 12 Mbps

iPad 1: 11 Mbps

Mac Pro: 33 Mbps (Ethernet Cat 6 wired) yes I know WiFi is slower, not .26 vs 33 slower


My network:


Motorola SB 6141 Cable modem

All Ethernet wires are Cat 6

D-LINK DIR-655 gigabit router, WiFi should be minimum 100 or 150 Mbps (2.4 only)


Obstructions: very open modern apartment with good physical open shot to router. Bedroom wall vs router. Router is on 45 degree angle 30 feet from devices. Keep in mind that regardless of wall interference, all tests above were done with iDevices in exact same spot from bedroom to test wall interaction.


Result: iPad Air is usually not able to stream anything continuously or in HD ever. Some vid signals are amazingly pixelated to where movie credits are unreadable. So I use my iPad 1 instead for perfect viewing. Something's very wrong.


I assume the router can't differentiate between, however, AppleCare today surmised since I have 2 WiFi devices way out performing the iPad Air, it "may" be it's newer firmware being incompatible with my router, which logically would make sense to account for diff between it and a legacy iPad and modern iPhone.


Some of you online are true network geniuses so I wanted to hear your input for me and others with new iPad Air HD high speed expectations and what configurations to make in Settings and should a new Router be considered 1) because they are faster anyway and 2) if there is an iPad firmware issue with older even still working well routers like the DIR 655.


PS: in comparing configurations between devices, I see the iPad Air under Settings > WiFi > HTTP Proxy > (off, manual or auto)


Is HTTP Proxy an important setting to get max performance. I need to search and read up on it. Setting to Auto did increase dwnld speed from .26 to 9 Mbps.



Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), 4-Core Mid 2012