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My battery stopped charging (green led still) and is not even recognized, does not charge; Got a new one....same issue. did the trick wher you turn off, unplugg, press 10 sec on standby blablabla...still does not work...what os going on? Thanks

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    SMC reset for Intel-based Macs... resetting the System Management Controller:



    This may help with some power related and battery issues. Also there is away to recalibrate the battery, in another articles at Support archives.


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    PS: "Apple Portables: Calibrating your computer's battery..."



    Has the power adapter work OK, other than charging the battery?

    Was the new battery charged for adequate time before first use?


    There is a chance the power adapter/charger or cord has a defect.

    What kind of information has system profiler> battery/charging shown?


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    it does work as when I plug it, i can use the notebook. the sign of the battery says it is not charging, or even is crossed as if I did not had any in place.

    I just bought an adaptator charger 60W and it does not work, but I bought it via amazon, so I am not sure if that isthe issue. I just realised that Apple still sale charger and battery for that notebook. but I do not want tobuy the full kit (charger and battery) not knowing which one has a defect... how to delineate? Thanks

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    Unfortunately the process of elimination through substitution of questionable parts with known-good ones appears to be the most likely to solve the problem.


    The third part that may be contributing to this issue, is inside the computer behind the magsafe port. The magsafe board is the circuitry that controls the power inside the MacBook, and they have been known to go bad on occasion. This dc-in board kind of circuit can be the cause of symptoms, so before replacement it is good to be sure that is the most likely item. You can look into a repair guide to see what they say about replacing the magsafe circuit board behind the magsafe port. Depending on your MacBook it may be among these: http://www.ifixit.com/Device/MacBook


    However older batteries with a high cycle count, or some use patterns that do not encourage long battery life, can be suspect, too. A physically old battery with a low cycle (recharge) count may also be bad.


    There is this Support page with some ideas on troubleshooting batteries, says MacBook/Pro, some of this applies to older MacBook; since 'macbook' is discontinued, while MB/Pro & MB/Air continue to exist.


    •Apple - Support - MacBook/Pro - Batteries & Power:



    A good source of third-party power adapters for Mac portable is OWC online. They have batteries to include some newer tech stuff, and offer a lower price at times. I have never ordered from them, but had been tempted a few times. They know their mac stuff in several areas, such as RAM, SSD, etc.


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