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I've heard Bootcamp does this, but I've never owned a Mac before, and am daunted by the change. I would love a Mac for ease of use, as many of my friends seem to love it, but for school purposes, my PC laptop is better. My PC needs to be updated, though, and I really want to spring for the Mac, I just don't want to lose being able to not have to do my homework in a computer lab. A friend has dual operating systems on hers, and says it works beautifully for running both, though I don't know what macbook she's got. If I go to an Apple store and get a laptop from them, even bring the Windows 7 operating system (I'm NOT doing Windows 8), will they help do this for me? Does anyone know if it is alright to have the dual systems, or if it takes away from the hardware's ability to work? ANY advice is welcome.

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