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Alllrighty, this is the second time I've had to deal with this, and I'm starting to like iTunes/iPod/Apple in general a significant amount less now, so here goes...

Mmk, my iPod is not connecting to iTunes (but is connecting to Windows itself), and no fix is working. Last time this happened, I fixed it by following the "Mess With Conflicting Programs" thing (editing startup problems using msconfig), which worked like a charm. I assumed that was the problem/solution until it happened again a couple days ago, and msconfig didn't work. At all. Now, Windows recognizes it, Backstage (my iPod recovery software which can rip songs off of it) recognizes it, and another computer recognize it all just fine, but neither iTunes nor iPod Updater do.

What I suspect may be the problem (though I have no clue why it wouldwork) is that this past weekend I plugged my iPod into various other computers on a trip, played music off of it, and took some songs off. Before I left (last Friday) everything was working fine, and during the trip there were no problems, but when I came home my iPod wouldn't connect. I've uninstalled iPod software (down to deleting the entire folder), iTunes and Quicktime, and deleted every mention of "Apple Computers Inc." I could find in my registry. After reinstalling and rebooting after everything I could think of rebooting after, nothing has worked.

Before you send me replys with only links to documentation and no technical help, let me first preface by saying that chances are very, very high that I've already read it and tried it, because I've been at this non-stop for 3 days. I've read the "iPod Connecting to Windows but not to iTunes" one, and every one linking to it, and every post on the subject I could find on this site and around the web. I'm not a big fan of the Apple documentations I've seen, because they offer only rudimentary, guess and pray, general types of solutions, which rarely work consistantly, instead of researched, debugged and proven solutions which should be expected of a company with a top shelf service with (seemingly) a major flaw, be it actually in the iPod or in iTunes. I plan on calling Apple Support tomorrow, so my question to you is; Does anyone have a real solution to this problem that seems to be hindering hundreds of others on these forums alone, and if so could you hook a brother up? I'm normally a pretty chill guy, but this is just driving me loco.

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Pentium D 3.2ghz OC Custom   Windows XP   iPod Color 20gb

Pentium D 3.2ghz OC Custom, Windows XP, iPod Color 20gb
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    I called tech support just now, and they resolved the problem. I switched the drive letter of the iPod (My Computer>right click>"Manage">"Disk Managment">right click on iPod>"Change Drive Letter or Paths") to "M", and the issue was resolved. The tech lady said that iTunes doesn't like many drive letters below "G", and was causing hardware conflicts (due to weirdness with my harddrive settup, my iPod was C:\ and my harddrives are H, I and J. Yeah, weird, I know).

    So this question was answered by the nice tech support people, and maybe this could help you...