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I recently bought an Imac27 from an independent trader and he sold it as a brand new product. I did not receive it in Apple original packaging and grew suspicious. I checked the serial number on apple and it shows up as an Imac 27. How to check if the imac is a genuine one or not?



M Mohammad

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    Where did you get the serial number? If you got it from OS X (through System Information or About this Mac), you can be sure you have an original iMac. The serial number is attached to the logic board of your iMac, so you can be sure you have got a 27-inch iMac.


    Sometimes resellers (and even Apple) do not sell Macs in the original packaging. This is often done with second-hand or refurbished Macs

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    Suspicion is not necessary. If the computer didn't come in a factory-sealed box, it's used. If the seller lied to you about its provenance, you should assume that it's stolen.

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    Hello Mende


    Thanks for your reply. I got the serial number from the about imac section and I verified on the apple site and it looks like a genuine one as apple identified the version number. However, I enquired with the seller and he says he posted as he got from Apple. I still did not get it why I did not get it in the original Apple imac box as the seller insists its a brand new one. Any ways, thanks for your reply. I really appreciate.