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My Apple TV Picture has zoomed in too large to fit my TV screen. It appears to be an issue with Apple TV, as the TV works fine with all other devices. I have tried resetting and restarting the Apple TV, but it is still the same. Please help

Apple TV (3rd generation)
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    If your TV remote has an aspect ratio setting, check it isn't set to zoom/strech or similar and change it to 16:9.


    Some TVs may have only one aspect ratio setting but others may remember a setting for each input.


    Have you unplugged AppleTV and restarted?  Try a different HDMI lead or socket.



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    If you can get into Settings menu on AppleTV, what is the HDMI resolution set to?


    It should be 720p or 1080p normally.



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    I have just tried changing the aspect ratio setting on my TV and the picture frame reduces, but you can still see the enlarged apple display within the smaller frame. I googled the problem before coming to apple community and have tried changing the HDMI port on the TV, changing the HDMI cable, the restore option in the apple menu, and disconnecting/restarting the power to the apple TV, but there has been no change.


    The HDMI resolution is currently set to 1080p. My TV a UA55F8000 Samsung Series 8 TV.

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    Find your TV manual - it may be set to 'overscan' the input - you ideally want pixel to pixel 1:1 mapping.



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    Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 11.55.41.png

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    Did AppleTV work ok before or has it always done this ???


    I assume you are not using Airplay Mirroring for viewing as that has overscan setting too in the Airplay settings section.

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    Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 11.59.42.png

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    The Apple TV was working fine until recently. I actually witnessed the picture change from normal to zoomed while using the Apple TV remote, but was not sure what was pressed to make the problem occur. At the time the Sumsung TV remote was on a table well away from where I was sitting, which led me to believe the problem was with Apple TV and not the TV.


    We have airplay setup on with other devices, but it has not been used for several months.


    As a last resort, I will buy another Apple TV and hope we can use this one with another TV we have back in the UK.

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    Good luck with it.


    AppleTV normally has no control over Aspect ratio - very strange.


    I suppose it could be faulty.


    Trying with a different TV would be a good option.

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    Thanks for all your help, all the same!


    I will try setting up the Apple TV with another TV to see if there is any change. Failing that, I guess I can take it to the apple store to see if they can help.


    Best Regards,



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    You did check the overscan on the TV - that it is off ? (ScreenFit Asepct ratio?).  This sort of setting is not always apparent unless using a GUI based device like AppleTv as you won't necessarily notice overscanned broadcast material.


    Very odd it just happened while you were watching - the fact remote for TV was on a table makes the TV unlikely doesn't it.



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    Did you ever figure out what to do?


    I first used my Apple TV on a bedroom TV.
    Today, I moved it to a larger TV (for the guests in a living room), but when I moved it back to my original TV, the screen resolution was zoomed in (as if it were still being displayed on the larger TV).


    I tried to play with the settings by changing the resolution to a fixed one and then changing it back to Auto, but even the Auto option reverted back to the "zoomed-in" display on my smaller TV.


    I'll probably reset it later if I can't figure out any other possible solution.

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    almost forgot to post back on here


    Apparently, the smaller TV's resolution was set to "Zoom."



    I didn't even mess with the smaller TV's settings after moving Apple TV to the larger TV for the first time...


    false alarm, people