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So I have installed Time capsule added the brother printer, no problems at all there.

When I try to print a document from word or any other program, I choose the newly instaled printer, press ok and it runs through all thestuff it normally does; but nothing happens. I do not get any error messages, the printer doesnt do anything, and so far I can see there's no errors with the installation of the printer from bonjour.


I am using a Windows Vista machine 64bit.


The printer is a Brother HL-5340D.


Both are connected to the time capsule.


There's an Imac connected to the time capsule aswell and it can print without problem.


I have an option, when running bonjour, to add the printer @Imac. THen I can print through the Imac ( im guessing it sends the print job to the Imac and then to the printer. But the idea of needing to turn on the Imac everytime I need to print something from the windows machine kinda defeats the purpose.


I have tried to add the printer manually but I end up in the same place. It is like it sends the printer job, but the printer doesn't get the information.


Thanks in advance


Time Capsule, Windows Vista