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I had purchased an iPad off Craigslist.

The iPad was in great condition and it is the Verizon 3G 16GB model.

Of course, Me being pesky, I checked the ESN and it came back clean, Meaning the iPad hasn't been reported stolen or lost or currently attached to an account.


I had restored the iPad, to wipe previous user data off as he had it unlocked and on to show and prove to me it worked.


However, Upon inital setup, It keeps saying "Activate iPad" and says the iPad is still attached to an Apple ID.

I had tried restoring multiple times.


I read somewhere that it is called an "Activation Lock" and that it must be done remotely from the previous owners account.

So, I tried contacting the previous owner to no avail.

I've tried calling, emailing, texting, and I get no response.


I understand anyone can come up with a story but since this iPad is a CDMA iPad, It would have been marked stolen or lost (Bad ESN) in Verizon's system so there is NO way this iPad is stolen.


Can someone at apple help me with this unique situation, I paid 200 dollars for a brick, and honestly, I could send a screenshot showing the iPad is clean in Verizon's system.


I don't know what to do,

Please no remarks about me "finding" or "stealing" it, Like I said, If I had stole it, It would've been reported stolen in Verizon's systems.

iPad 2, iOS 7.0.4
Solved by sberman on Dec 26, 2013 9:51 PM Solved

Personally, I don't think you stole or "found" it.  But I do believe it was stolen, and not recorded as such in any database.


Here's the Activation Lock article:


Without the previous owner unlocking using their Apple ID and password, you have an expensive brick.

Reply by Diavonex on Dec 26, 2013 9:51 PM Helpful

There's nothing much you can do if you do not have the Apple ID and Password of the previous owner.

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