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Hi. I currently have the latest version of Tiger installed on a G5 PowerMac. I'm planning to replace my boot drive w/ a larger drive and partition it, using one partition for Tiger and the 2nd partition for Leopard (10.5.8). As I understand it, applications must be installed on the same partition w/ the OS so I assume I will have to reinstall any applications that I am now using w/ Tiger onto the Leopard partition as well (if I would also like to be able to use them w/ Leopard). This will result in applications being installed twice on the same computer, one installation on the Tiger partition and a 2nd installation on the Leopard partition. Has anyone done this successfully w/ Adobe CS3 applications? I'm not sure if this question might be better suited for an Adobe forum but I was hoping someone here might be able to provide some helpful feedback. I would also like to know if there are any other issues that I should be aware of concerning installing the same application on two different partitions. Thanks for your consideration. (I would also like to be able to do this w/ FCP6.)



Final Cut Pro 6, Mac OS X (10.4.11)