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Hi, I just got a Samsung Galaxy S4, and activated it this morning. My prior phone is the iPhone 3GS, running iOS 6.0.1. Whenever someone using an iPhone sends me a message, it goes straight to iMessage and doesn't go to my Galaxy. I have no service on my iPhone, just wifi. Even when an iPhone owner sends it to my phone number it goes to iMessage. I disassociated my phone number from my Apple ID, and I removed my phone number from Settings and just put 0, since you have to put in something or else you can't save it. Please help! I want all my messages to go to my new phone, but still have the option to use iMessage in my old iPhone using my email, so I can use it like an iPod.


Thanks in advance :)

iPhone 3GS, iOS 6.0.1, Switched to Samsung Galaxy S4