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I have installed Windows 7 via Bootcamp and nearly everything seems to work fine, except the external usb sound system. Built in sound works fine.

All drivers are installed correctly.


My Problem:

Everytime i plug in my sound system (Palo Alto Paad Cubic) it says "Drivers are installed, you can use the device now". The Sound is working then.

So far so good, but if i want to change the volume via apples F11 and F12 or through the volume meter in the Taskbar it levels uncontrollable.

That means, if i press F12 (which is music + ) the sound can go to the half or to full volume with only one tip.

The plop sound (when changing sound in macosx) is only there if i hold down F11 or F12 permanently. If i press them once or twice the plop sound can be loud or very low (uncontrollable). But only on external speakers. on the built in speakers, its working well.

I have tried several things like a fresh install, new drivers, another Bootcamp Driver Version other usb or normal speakers, but the problem is also there.

Also my microphone is always extremely hardcore resounding, so i cant use it or i get deaf -_-.

On the settings i tried an external microphone which works fine. Only the built- in mic is so crappy sounding on Windows.


Under Macosx all is working perfect, so the hardware is not the problem.


What can i do??

(Sorry for my english im german)


Marco Bienert

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)