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Remove saved messages

iOS 7.0.4
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    Are you trying to remove messages from conversations or entire conversations in the Messages app?


    You can delete a message by choosing More… after tapping and holding a message bubble in your current Messages conversation. Selected messages that will be deleted show a checkmark to the left. Tap the trash, in the bottom left corner, and choose Delete Message.


    You can delete a Messages conversation by sliding from right to left when viewing your list of current conversations or by tapping Edit and choosing the delete button to the left of the conversation.

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    but the amount still shows in saved messages

    Settings > General >Usage> Messages

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    yes this is what I am trying to figure out!!! its taking up 7.5 GB of my phone!!!!!

    help us!

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    WE shouldn't have to do this... but.... It worked for me. I did need to purchase extra $20.00 of iCloud space. Once I finially implemented the procedure - it went pretty quick with no hang-ups. Good Luck!


    Open a DropBox account and back up all of your photos and videos as a safety net. (optional but for  peace of mind)


    Then you have to back up (everything) on your device to iCloud.

    Then you have to do a delete all contents and restore as new procedure.

    Then you have to do a backup restore from iCloud.


    Note: you may have to purchase extra iCloud space to perform the back up...

    Note: I had 4.6 gb of data that was taken up by messages (saved) and I had 0 data left to use on the phone. It's a 4s 16g iPhone.  After this procedure, I had 7.5 gb data available to use and everything was working as normal (as far as I could tell but it's my daughters phone and she took it back pretty quick lol)

    Note: I followed the video instruction very closely - please perform this procedure at your own risk.)





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    Okay, I've tried this and I'm dissapointed to say that it did not take away the 9.8GB cluttering up on my iPod. I'm trying Double Canoe's method that he has on this link


    I'm waiting the 24hrs and we'll see what happens! Good luck to everyone!

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    You have the messages (saved) problem in your iPod? The solution I implemented was suggested by the "genius" at the apple store. My device was a iPhone 4S 16g running iOS 7. So is it a messages (saved) problem you have or a "documents and data" issue?

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    So much for the 7.1 update fixing the Saved Messages problem..

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    Yeah, nothing is working. It says it's saved messages but in the computer, it says it's documents and data. so I guess you could say it's both lol

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    Here is a thread that has a solution:  https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5367022?start=45&tstart=0


    Look at GlassMedic's solution -- it worked for me.
    You can get the free version of the software he references here:

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    Since I've upgraded to IOS 8 - I noticed that the garbage icon does not always appear.  I'd tap a message and select "More" - that would let me choose what messages I want to delete (or transfer).  But the bar at the bottom of the screen only continues to show the camera and "send".  The only option to delete is DELETE ALL.

    How can I have the garbage icon again?