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I stopped the uplodaing process for Match.  There were still around 5,000 files to be uploaded.  When it went back and started rematching and uploading.  It decided that it was all done my files 9,000 plus files were now available in the cloud.  But my iTunes has 14,000 files so Match did NOT finish uploading all my files.  Plus, now there is no MATCH button at the top of my iTunes brower.  Where is my match account.  I can't look at it without that button to show me the match page can I? I assume that when new song it put in my iTunes that match will check it and upload it to the cloud if it's not there.  But shouldn't I be able to push the Match button at top of my browser to to a manual search and match upload?  Where's the match button?

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)
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    Well, I figured out how to return on Match in the store menu.   And I'm rescanning to see if it continues to upload the 5,000 songs it missed last time.  Because it already successfully scanned my music earlier, all the 5,000 songs it missed this time are already in a dehighlited, light grey font on my iPhone, so I can directly see the songs that Match today decided weren't there in my iTunes.  Is anyone having similar problems?

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    Sorry for a wasted post.  I should have waited before posting this.  I just needed to have Match rescan and it picked everything back up.  I think it was an issue with the external hard drive (where my iTunes files is stored) being dismounted improperly by a lack of power (power cord was jiggled or something like that) and the dismount caused Match to misinterpret the correct content of my iTunes folder.