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Here's a weird one:

Using airplay from iPAD3 to ATV3.  Yesterday it worked fine when I used the THX tune-up app (from the app store) to tweak my new TV.  I could stream photos,  see the various homepages from the iPAD etc...I tried to revisit the tv tuning at the end of the day and found that only audio is going to the ATV - no video.  Also, there is now a serious lag (4-5 sec) in reaction time on the iPAD with airplay enabled.  When I enable airplay on the iPAD I can toggle mirrowing back and forth and watch the tv go from blank(mirrowing enabled) to ATV screen (mirrowing disabled)



ensured same network, airplay enabled on ATV, mirrowing enabled in iPAD etc...Remember that this worked yesterday.....

various apps to see if any video would work - only photos worked OK but slow.  nothing else displayed video

THX tune-up app worked for audio only

MYST game work for audio only

Reset (POR and unplugged) all HW (ATV, router etc...)

Unplugged internet cable from ATV and brought up as wireless

deleted and re-installed THX tune app


I'm sort of out of ideas here.  Anyone have any similiar experiences or ideas?

Late 2009 iMac, 10.8.2, Aper 3.4.1