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So 2 years ago for christmas I got a used iBook G4 from my dad.. it came with the original charger and everything, no problems.. when that charger broke I had to get a replacement one which wasn't as good(had to wiggle it around, didn't charge as fast) but it did the job, still no problem. After that one just stopped working I got ANOTHER one (these are like $20 each so I wasn't happy) it was all good until it also stopped working. I've left it to collect dust for a few months with the battery completely dead (No green blinking light when I press the button) but recently I need to get a few files out of it so I bought a 3rd charger but this time the battery which was dead before now blinks when I press it. I thought "sweet it works" but nope, it wont charge and the laptop just wont turn on. What can be wrong with it? I'm really frustrated because all this kinda **** always happens to me and I am really tempted to sell it for parts or just run it over with my car... This laptop had some important pictures, files, videos that I didn't back up...I dont think its the battery because as I said it now blinks which it didnt before I plugged it in, I also dont think its the charger... please help If its something on the inside I havent opened it up before and I know nothing about Macs since this is the only apple computer I've owned... thanks

iBook G4
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    thanks a lot guys!!!!!!!!

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    How long did you leave the charger plugged into the iBook before you attempted to start it? A day?


    Since those batteries can sit for years in the box, brand new, and be no good, any idle time ads no value. To get a known good replacement battery from a reputable source such as OWC, or one of the other online specialists who are actual mac-centric companies, is a better bet. They have a longer life battery. However if you know of someone with a similar iBook in working condition with a good battery, ask about using their battery & charger to attempt basic troubleshooting. Both should be present.


    You should be able to reset the PRAM &/or Power Management Unit (two different things) depending on what model build year iBook G4 you have, to see if you can get a rise out of it.


    •Resetting PowerBook and iBook Power Management Unit (PMU)



    •About NVRAM and PRAM



    •Apple Portables: Calibrating your computers battery for best performance



    •Apple - Batteries - Notebooks



    •OWC - battery search results iBook G4 battery:



    Some of the references in older discussions within Apple Support for vintage products are no longer valid, so if you search the communities for obsolete or outdated information in old posts, links to Support articles fail.


    Over the course of some years, I found the portable batteries in G4 Apple products can be short-lived depending on use-cycles, how the batteries are calibrated, and when the unit is recharged. Batteries will age just sitting there. And it is better to store a half-charged battery if it will be left many months, not a full one.


    Hopefully this helps somewhat.

    Good luck & happy computing!

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    >had to wiggle it around, didn't charge as fast


    This could indicate that something was wrong inside the computer already at that time. One typical fault in many laptops (both Mac and PC) is that the low-voltage DC-in-jack works loose where it is attached to a circuit board. Often, someone with basic soldering skills would be able to resolder the pins. If necessary, the DC-in-board may have to be replaced. The web page below could possibly be of interest in this context.




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    Also, if nothing else works, it is always possible to remove the hard drive in order to gain access to important files. The hard drive can be put into an appropriate USB enclosure or connected to an adapter similar to this one:



    The now external USB drive can then be connected to another Mac. If a PC utility for Mac disks (such as MacDrive or TransMac) is installed, it may be possible to use a Windows computer for retrieval of certain files as well.



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    most of the time it is the battery it self I had too replace mine myself too and check your power supply also

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    I had an issue like this once. Does your iBook make a buzzing noise at all? When my old iBook did that I had to replace the DC-in board, about $10 usually. It was fine then!

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    yo sorry for bumping this i was mad cuz someone ate the last fajita I'll read some of these and let you know if any of it works thanks for replying