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I use Apple mail. Comcast, which is POP, is my internet provider. In order to use IMAP capability I forward my email to my Gmail acct. All worked flawlessly until Mavericks came along. Even after the 10.9.1 upgrade

Here are my issues:

(1) draft emails are copied every minute so I get multiple drafts like this:


Hello John

Hello John, how

Hello John, how are you?

(2) If I send myself an email to test how my email is working if I delete the received email from the inbox it deletes itself from the sent box. If I delete the email from the sent box it deletes the email in the inbox.....

(3) and nothing is being saved on the Gmail server although my settings indicated "never" remove the email.

Any thoughts? It's drviing me crazy & I'm afraid I'm going to lose valuable emails....

Thanks in advance....


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.7)