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I have been trying to find the best option to tune up my iMac.

It has been showing a very slow performance recently.

But when I look for reviews, I find it very difficult to understand it.

In this comparison (http://ccleaner.en.softonic.com/mac/compare/appcleaner,fontnuke,tuneupmymac), AppCleaner shows a very high number of downloads while TuneUPMyMac shows just the opposite.

However, when I try TuneUpMyMac, it seems to have much more features than AppCleaner.

As a matter of fact, AppCleaner for me is just an app to help me removing applications safely.

Am I looking at the right source of information?

Any help will be mostly appreciated.

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)
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    AppCleaner is simply a utility for uninstalling apps, nothing more than that. The otehr app is worthless and not worth using, OS X is not like MS Windows that relies on third party apps for running well. You should first find out why your machine is suffering from a performance issue. It may be something as simple as a failing HD or a HD that is too full. Please complete your profile by telling us more about your computer, including the year and model, the amount of RAM installed, size of the HD and how much data is stored on it. then we have a chance of assisting you.

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    It is a iMac

    27-inch, Mid 2011

    Processor: 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5

    12GB of Memory 1333 Mhz DDR3

    HD 1TB from with 334GB are still available


    Thank you!

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    Before you do anything BACKUP!!


    Your machine seems to have lots of resources, now please describe exactly what you mean by slow performance and tell us exactly what troubleshooting steps you have taken. You can use Activity Monitor to see how RAM is being used and also use Apple's Activity Monitor to read System Memory and determine how much RAM is being used  to learn how to use it effectively.

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    If you are considering installing or have installed software such as TuneUpMyMac one of those apps may be the source of the slowdowns. There are some known bits of software that can cause this sort of behaviour.

    If you download and run the free EtreCheck and post the report here, it may reveal whether you have any software running that is known to be problematic:


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    It has been showing a very slow performance recently.


    Please describe the problem, rather than your conclusion as to how it should be solved. The applications you mentioned are completely worthless, at best.

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    As has already been mentioned, AppCleaner is an app uninstaller, and such uninstallers are generally worthless. If you have an app that requires uninstalling, either it needs an uninstaller (and should be uninstalled only using the uninstaller provided by the developer of that app) or it needs no uninstaller and can be simply thrown in the trash. Using an app like AppCleaner runs the risk of either deleting things that it shouldn't or leaving "orphaned" components behind (which can cause problems).


    Regarding "cleaning" apps, the others have already said such things are worthless. For more information on why that is the case, see The myth of the dirty Mac.


    In addition, you posted a link to the Softonic web site. Note that a number of downloads on Softonic are currently wrapped in an adware installer, added intentionally by Softonic themselves. You should avoid Softonic at all costs. See:


    Continue to boycott Softonic


    Finally, regarding the performance issues, I strongly advise that you work with folks here to resolve those issues, without making any assumptions about what the problem might be caused by. In the meantime, try the tips in my Mac Performance Guide.

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    Thank you guys.  Just by following all the instructions here and following the links you provided, I was able to fix my computer.  It now works like a charm!

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    Glad you got it sorted!

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    Your welcome and glad it's taken care of.