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Okay, I've finally decided to convert all of my old VHS and MiniDV tapes to .mov files so I can host them on my Plex server for family & friends across the country to be able to view them online.


All of these tapes contain various recordings that feature each of my children, family gatherings, vacations, holidays etc. As I recorded them, I basically would use a tape and fill it to completion and then move on to the next tape and fill it. So recordings were all chronological in time but were not separated in the areas mentioned above.


Any tips on how to ensure I don't miss using any footage and how to organize things in FCP? I envision importing a single .mov file from the tapes and then plan on extracting the individual clips for use in their separate areas. I'd like to have an event in FCP for each child, vacation etc. and then separate projects in each event to separate years, location etc.


Anyone else done something similar, any helpful hints etc? Thanks, daunting task but hopefully it'll be made easier with a good organized way to do it. Appreciate any advice!

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