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I have a mid 2012 Mac Book Pro with all updates. Yesterday I used BootCamp to install Windows 8.1, all has gone well, kind of.  My mouse and keyboard work, but I cannot get my wireless wi-fi to show, nor my air print HP Photosmart 5510 series printer. Please help!

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    Windows 8.1 is not supported, no drivers for things like wi-fi. Install Windows 8 or Windows 7.


    Or, search this forum. There are those who say they got Windows 8.1 installed and working.

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    Trouble is I had to purchase Windows, so I purchased the latest version.


    Now I'm having trouble with wifi on the Apple side. URGH!

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    before you give up on this, have you installed your bootcamp drivers on the windows side? go into 'this computer' open the bootcamp drive and run setup exe.

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    If you are having wifi issues on the OSx side then you have more issues than Windows drivers. OSx is independent of Windows and drivers, or lack of, on either side will not affect the other side.

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    Hi guys


    I've been having the same problem. I've just installed Windows 8.1 on my sister-in-law's brand new iMac. She needs to be able to get some practical experience on Windows and Office for her future career.


    All went well with Bootcamp, installed Windows 8.1 from DVD, then downloaded Office using a keycode, via the Internet. It partially installed, but the wifi connection kept dropping out for no reason. Checked the Networking control panel, tried everything I could think of, but it would work for a time then suddenly drop out.


    Back home now and searching the Net (on my reliable iMac!) for answers, and I eventually came across this on You Tube:




    Also this:




    Not had a chance to try it yet – back at my sister-in-law's at the weekend and will give it a go then. What this guy Dustin has found is that it is an energy saving setting that needs switching off. The two You Tube videos explain it better than I could, so see for yourself.


    There are two possible options you need to look at, one shown in each video. It makes perfect sense because the computer wifi/Internet works perfectly when I'm on the Mac OS, so it's not hardware. Also it's an intermittent fault which is explained by energy saving switching on and off as it chooses.


    This has worked for lots of people, but not for others apparently. I'm posting the links in case it helps some of you.


    Good luck!


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    In reply to Bob the Fisherman, I am using Windows 8.1 and it is working fine!  I did have to take my computer in to an authorized Apple store.  My wi-fi card was bad, so had to be replaced, but they downloaded some files on the Windows side for me and all is working perfectly now! Thank goodness!


    I replied to the thread in the wrong order, I'm sorry, this should have gone to the top, but didn't.


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