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I set my iMac periodically runs auto software update, and after I run iTunes 6.0.5 (20) software update, I opened iTunes and a warning message says, "Files moved to iTunes Library Damaged 1", and the library is empty !!

On further search, when I go into HD, a folder "iTunes Library" seem to have those previous songs. Looking thru the files, it seems as though they are all the songs I lost. Can I load these songs back to the iTunes Library, which is empty right now? Or are these damaged files?

FYI - I previously had iLife'05, but thru periodic software updates, iTunes is now version 6.0.5 (20). Is this compatible with the specs of my mac?

Kind of mad, b/c I literally just purchased songs and did not back them up....

Any help or advice is welcome.


Power Mac G4, Mac OS X (10.4.7), 800 MHz, 768 SDRAM
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    The first tip is to turn off the auto update features. The Mac OS will still go look but will ask you if you wnat to install. It is usually a good idea to wait a week or so after an update see what problems others are having.

    You tunes files are ok - it is the "iTunes Library" and the "iTunes Music ....xml" that are damaged. These are data base files that work with iTunes and other programs so they know where to go look if a program needs to use something in iTunes.

    When you open iTunes the 2 noted files above will be located in HD>User>Music>iTunes. you can just "add" the tunes back into the library and it should be ok. Note that you will lose your old info such as "date added" etc.

    You can go to the Apple Store online and select the Apple Software option to see the system requirements for iLife06.