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My facetime was activated at my carrier but when I got home, the status reversed to "waiting for activation" and it stays that way for about a month now.  I tried to turned the Facetime off and on, signed out of my icloud and signed back in a few times but it didn't work.  I even took my phone into Apple store and have the tech activated for me, well, I was able to use it at the store but as soon as I get home, the status reversed back to "waiting for activation".  Worst still, I get charged by my carrier for a text message from "11447786205094" everytime I turned Facetime on/off or used Facetime.  However, the text message never showed in my iphone 5C so I don't know what is in the text message.  My carrier told me that the number is an UK phone number...  I verified that my phone is set up for United States.  Anyone has an idea of how to fix this?

iPhone 5c