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I am trying to backup my iPad and every time I do it says I need to authorize my computer...it is authorized...

MacBook, iOS 5, 10.5.8
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    Do you have multiple Apple ID's? If you do, is the computer authorized for the ID that you are using on the iPad?

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    no i do not have multiple id's

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    From looking at you tags, I assume that you have the original iPad and that you are running Leopard 10.5.8 on your Mac which is the minimum requirement for syncing the original iPad. I want to conform that my assumption is correct.


    Have you ever backed up with this Mac before?

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    No my ipad is only a year old, I am running OSX on my MacBook Pro and it is ot the first time i have backed up my ipad to this computer. i was going to deauthorize all my computers and then reauthorize each one separately, but since i can only do this once a year, i am worried i will mess something up.

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    I don't know if deauthorizing all computer and reauthorizing would solve the problem anyway. If you want to try deauthorizing, just do it to the Mac that you want to use to backup with.


    Have you tried transferring purchases at all? Transferring purchases might solve this problem, if iTunes will allow you to even do it.


    Transfer purchases.


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    It means that you have few apps on the iPad which u have purchased with a different Apple ID, SO to solve this issue, Firstly u would need to Authozie the computer with ur apple ID and then Click on File>Device>Transfer purhcase and then iTUnes will throw up error of few App, and Check which an all app shows up as error and then on the iPad delete that App and then BAckup again.



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    Have you actually read the dialogue in this thread?

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    I am having a similiar problem.  I did not ever have the problem with Lion and my 4gen iPad.


    I allowed the Mavericks update just about the same time that AppleCare put a new Motherboard in this computer, so I don't know if either of those has anything to do with this or not? (4 year old MBP 17 dual i7)


    But now when I reboot my MBP, it tells me that this computer is not authorized to play, sync, etc.. with my iPod (or iPhone) and asks me for my password.  With I enter it, I get a message that says "This computer is already authorized".  I have 4 Apple ID's and it asks me to enter that information for every single one and then tells me that the computer is already authorized.


    How can I enter this ONCE and make it stick?