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I would like to know if you leave the push "on" does it check constantly, thus consume more data or does it depend on how much email, calendar and other data comes in? for example if I only get a few messages a day is it better to leave it "on" rather than to change it to hourly? If it automaticly check constantly then I would assume I would be better off checking "hourly".

I guess my question is by leaving it "on" does it check constantly? or do you only get  charged data when data comes in?

iPhone 5s
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    I would answer you this way for the question about using the 'push' email option.

    Turn off the push and 'fetch' options setting fetch to manual.

    After disabling and changing fectch to manual go ahead and send yourself an email at your email address listed in your phone and notice what happens when you receive the email.

    The Push and fetch feature will continually (based on the fetch settings) communicate back and forth with your email server(s) as often as you have the fetch feature set to check regardless of how many emails you typically receive in a 24 hour period.


    good luck.