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I used the following method (below) to backup my now lost iPod Nano 5th gen (click wheel) to a folder on my computer desktop.  Does anyone know how to transfer these successfully to a new iPod Classic's hard drive? The folder/subfolder arrangement on the Classic seems to differ from the Nano... I tried copying them to what I thought was the appropriate folder but they show up on the Classic as "Other" and not "Music" and, as such, not playable.  Probably something stupidly simple - thanks everybody for your help!   :


"Open iPod in Windows Explorer & enable viewing of hidden files. Navigate to the iPod's iPod_control/Music folder. This folder will contain subfolders with names like F00, F01, F02, etc that contain the songs - these song file subfolders have odd names, usually 4 random letters - the file info for each contains the actual song info."

iPod classic, Windows XP Pro