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Mac OS X

I recently purchased an older Apple Airport Express A1084 54 Mbps Wireless G Router (M9470LL/A) with the hopes of connecting some old stereo speakers to my wireless network as a cheaper alternative to something like Sonos. Unfortunately I quickly realized that I have no way of routing enough ethernet cable to connect it to the room where I have the speakers. I am thinking there must be some device I can use to allow me to keep the Airport Express behind the old stereo, connected to the audio input. Kind of like how on my Tivo I have a USB-connected device that allows it to connect to my wireless network since I have no ethernet jack behind the TV. Anyone able to share a setup/idea on how I might be able to accomplish this without running 60FT of ethernet cable through my attic? Paying to have that done will certainly not be worth doing, and I'll end up spending less on a new audio system. Thoughts?



Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)