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Since moving into my new house about a month ago, I haven't been able to wirelessly connect to my new DirecTV genie receiver or my iPhone. I have, however, been able to connect wirelessly with my MacBook and my wife's iPhone. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!!

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    Change the name of the wireless network to work with accepted industry standards:


    Use only normal etters and numbers....no special characters like an apostrophe, dollar sign, etc

    No blank spaces

    Do not exceed 20 characters


    Example.....a good name would be something like.....




    My wireless network name is.......twndb.....DirecTV connects fine to this network.


    A poor name that will likely not be compatible with a DirecTV product would be something like......


    snowy734's wireless network


    Use the same guidelines for the wireless network password

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    Thanks a lot for this suggestion. I will try it out after i'm dione with this poker game. Could you please remind me how to create a new network?




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    Need to know what operating system that you are using on your Mac to be able to provide step by step.


    If you are not sure, click the Apple icon at the upper left corner of the screen.

    Click About This Mac

    Post back with the OS X Version number that you see there

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    OS X ... Version 10.9.1

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    Open Macintosh HD > Applications > Utilities > AirPort Utility

    Click on the AirPort Extreme icon

    Click Edit in the smaller window that appears

    Click the Wireless tab at the top of the next window

    Edit the Wireless Network Name

    Edit the Wireless Network Password

    Verify the Wireless Network Password

    Click Update to save the new settings and wait a full minute for the AirPort to restart



    Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 5.26.40 PM.png



    You will have to set up new connections with all of your wireless devices using the new network name and password.

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    Thanks for putting all of that together, it was very helpful. I followed everything you said in regards to eliminating special characters and no spaces in either the password or wireless network name. Unfortunately, I still cannot connect to my main DirecTV receiver or my iPhone.


    I am getting a message on DirecTV stating, "There was a problem with your network connection. Result Code: 86-213," and then it gives me generic trouble shooting ideas. I may have to just call DirecTV and talk with someone, but I figured i'd give this a shot first due to my iPhone having issues connecting as well. In regards to my iPhone connecting, it still does not. My wife's, however, does connect to the newly named network with the new password. I looked on my phone to check for updates, but it said it had the most recent version. Any idea about the phone? I just find it quite odd that my wife's iPhone 5 will connect, but my iPhone 5 won't.


    Thanks again,


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    The next step would be go go back into AirPort Utility and temporarily set the wireless security to None as a test.


    Then, see if the DirecTV product will connect that way.


    If it will, then you know that you have a wireless security compatibility issue with the DirecTV device and AirPort.


    My DirecTV device does connect fine using WPA2 Personal Security, which is an industry standard.


    However, if the DirecTV product will not connect with "no security".....it's a no brainer to know that it will never connect "with security". Got to suspect a defective DirecTV product in that case, but DirecTV will still likely blame things on the wireless router.


    I've had iPhone issues in the past that were solved only be restoring the iPhone back to its original settings. Work you way through the troubleshooting guide for iOS first, though.




    The real iPhone experts are over in the iPhone support area:


    Using iPhone


    Please keep us posted on your progress.

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    Well I tried eliminating the security and that didn't work either. I guess i'm going to have to contact DirecTV about it and go from there. I hate dealing with customer service over the phone, but I have a feeling I have to go that route. I'll contact the people at iPhone support specifically, so that'll hopefully solve that issue as well.


    THANKS SO MUCH for all of your time, advice, and work. I really appreciate it!!!


    I'll let you know what I come up with,