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After migrating to iMovie 11 and having all my folders by year wiped out, I'm trying to figure out how to reorder my library so the events are in order by date.


I don't think there is a way to make an iMove library sort by date (please tell me if wrong), or group by date (as I used to in the old iMovie with folders for each year).

So I'm wondering just how to resort. I have all my events named sort-of by date, like

2004 BBQ

2004 spring trip

2007 ski trip

2008 party

but then I have others where I added the month to the start of the event name, so for Feb 2004:

200402 swim meet


and they are sorting now so 200402 comes after 2008, so things are now out of order (I understand it is doing by number).


Wondering the best way to quickly get these back so I can have them in order/group by date. I have TONS of events and now their order is a mess.

Or if my only fix is to rename all of my events with YYYYMMDD or YYYYMM, etc., which would be a big big bummer...



iMovie '11, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)