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I got a new ipop nano for christmas to replace my old one (2006).  It had been a number of months since I purchased music and I was prompted to update iTunes which I did. 


Unfortunately, iTunes is no longer recognized purchases I made prior to about 6/2009.  My purchase history clearly shows the songs there, iTunes shows the songs but with an exclamation next to them.  It says it can't be found.  I did delete a bunch on my computer recently, so it's possible that I killed the folder.  My prior to 2009 songs were kept in folder different from the more recent purchases, and it is no longer there.  My recycle bin was cleaned during my computer tune-up so there is no restoring it.


So, when I go to sync my new ipod I get a bunch songs that can't be loaded because it cannot find the song. 


I think looked everywhere in iTunes for a way to download "ancient" purchases and I could find nothing. 


Does anyone have any suggestions for how to restore my old purchases.



iPod nano (3rd generation), iOS 7.0.3