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As plenty of poeple out there,after just 2 years of life the microphone of my iPAD 2 32 Gigabytes DIED.


No privacy settings issues, just hardware damage. The vacuum cleaner workaround fixes it for just a few hours then has to be redone. And just for a few months this is out of warranty! 250+ euros is TOTALLY unreasonable price for a new microphone and on the forums you can find hundreds of people with the same issue.


Could you please recomment me a NEW microphone, to plug in in 3.5mm jack, which WON'T mute the speakers ( so with a connector who's using ONLY the MIC connection and not the speakers connection ) ?


So basicly I will be able to use again SKYPE handsfree on speakerphone with just a little external microphone plugged in in the iPAD !




iPad 2, iOS 7.0.4