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Hi my name is Art,


Currently at this moment in time I am undergoing a frustrating issue with my iMac. I recently updated my latest software updates, 6 of them, you know the one where it scams for latest software updates then updates them. Everything was going okay then once it had finished installing the updates it asked me whether I wanted to restart so the updates could be completed and of course I clicked the restart choice. Then my computer rebooted. The chime sound played then appeared the infamous apple logo and just beneath that a loading/spinning icon thing and below that a bar. After 1-3 minutes the bar would remain empty and then eventually just disappear however the loading/spinning thing would remain there. Sometimes it will just turn off after this and when I turn it back on it will repeat the same process, other times the apple logo and the spinning icon will just remain there forever. Someone please help me!!!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    If you haven't already, see if the Mac will boot into Safe Mode: restart holding down the Shift key until you see a grey progress bar, input your admin password when prompted. Once booted restart as normal from the Apple menu - any luck?

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    I've tried booting into Safe Mode numerous times however it just doesn't work, the "start up procedure" (the problem) just occurs and doesn't go into safe mode.

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    I'm not sure this will solve the problem but it won't hurt to try:




    If that doesn't help, will it boot into the Recovery HD and let you run Disk Utility to see if the HD needs repairs? Restart holding down Command+r - select Disk Utility>Macintosh HD and click on 'repair disk'. If anything gets fixed click on repair disk again until you get a clean pass and then restart as nomral from the Apple menu.


    There's also this knowledge-base article which addresses Grey Screen at Start-up problems:


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    Verified the disk and then tried repair but gives me an error? Do you wNt the error message/logs?

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    I don't understand logs, but what was the error message? Did Disk Utility say it couldn't repair the disk?


    Do you have up-to-date backup (Time Machine or a clone) in case things go from bad to worse and Disk Utility can't repair the drive?


    (I'm going to check out now as it's late here but hopefully someone else with spot this thread and help out - good luck).

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    Yes, it said it couldn't repair the disk and no unfortunately I don't have any back ups, thanks for you help mate.

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    Did you ever resolve this problem ?

    The exact same thing has happened to me and I have no idea how to fix it..