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My daughter recently got a free trade-in iPhone, an iPhone 4S, but it's an 8 gig—way smaller than her 32 gig iPhone 4. Consequently, we can't store nearly enough of her music. Is iTunes Match the answer? If we subscribe, does it actually play the songs without them being downloaded on the phone? It would be nice to keep only a few favorites stored on the phone for places without wifi.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    Hello dogfaceboy47,


    Thank you for the details of your question.  With iTunes Match, you are able to stream music as well as download songs you would like to play when not near an Internet connection:


    Using iTunes Match

    Downloading or streaming from iTunes Match

    You can browse by Genius Mixes, Playlists, Artists, Songs, Albums, Genres, Compilations, or Composers. When you find something you like, tap the song name to begin streaming that song or playlist. If you begin streaming a song from a playlist, iTunes Match will continue playing the rest of your playlist after the initial song has finished.


    If you'd like to download the song or playlist to your iOS device, tap the download icon to the right of the song or at the bottom of the playlist.



    You can find the full article here:

    iTunes Match on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch



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