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I finally upgraded from Logic Pro 9 to X. When I open an earlier project, I get sudden volume jumps.  It seems to happen only on the selected track, and only when Record is enabled on that track. I set the fader (or insert a controller 7 event), but Logic ignores this and the track jumps to full volume.  This was not the usual behavior — is it "normal" now?  Why??

Logic Pro X, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)
  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 (11,705 points)

    Sounds like a external controller is causing this... or you are running Logic Remote ( or another iPad/iphone control app) which you should make sure has been properly quit.... and not just closed on your iOS device... If in doubt, power down the iOS device and not just put it to sleep and then test....


    If it's an external midi controller.. then trash the CS prefs and see what happens...




    See section 8 > #4


    Remember to quit LPX first before doing so... and restart your Mac afterwards...

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    Trashing the prefs didn't seem to work at first, but now I can't reproduce the problem, so something did—anyway, I can no longer reproduce the problem! I quit Logic Remote and started it again, unplugged my MIDI keyboard and plugged it in again … somewhere in there, the bad thing seems to have gone away.  Many thanks!