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I have a 5s. Shortly after getting it, I synced it to the MacBook that my husband and I share. Ever since then, his Apple ID appears when I try to update my apps from the app store on my phone. My apple ID is what is entered in my settings, and my apple ID is what shows up if I purchase an app. However, his ID shows up when I go to update.


This happened a few years ago when he had a 3 and I had a 4. We didn't actually do anything to fix it. We just re-synced my phone, and suddenly my apple ID was back where it belonged instead of his showing up in my app store. That is not the case this time. I can't figure out how to get rid of his ID from my app store.


Also, I seem to remember that when you would sync your phone, the apps would automatically update during a sync. That no longer happens. Am I crazy? I swear they used to update during sync. Anyway, if they can't get updated when I sync, how am I supposed to update them if I can't remove his ID from my app store? Please help!!!!!!!