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Hi all, I'm looking for a solution to the following;


I have a bunch of preprinted A4 paper certificates. On it we are currently hand writing the following fields;




Date of Birth


Date of Issue (current day)


Instructor's Name




I would like to automate this tedious process by entering the student names into an app and then print via wireless network. This would necessitate us being able to format the template so as to make the fields land in the right spot to match the pre-printed page.


Anyone know of a solution for this ?


Alternatively if there is a good desktop solution I could use my MacBookPro if not iPad. On the desktop I could use something like Filemaker but that is a very pricey program for this simple requirement. I see there is a free iPad Filemaker app but I'm on Version ( of Filemaker and it requires a full priced $329 upgrade on my MBP to work with the free app.  I'm hoping there is some other relatively affordable iPad based option.I wouldn't object to paying up to say $25.