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Worked under OS X until I upgraded to Mavericks. Had to repair the print system, not a biggie, but then network fax is now not found by the system.


Granted, I only end up faxing once per month, but those are critical faxes, typically dealing with government things that impact our income greatly.

Had I realized this would have been an issue, I'd have not upgraded!


Is there any plan to fix this issue?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    What is the 6500 connected to? Are you able to see the printer in AddPrinter? Did you reset the printing system? If so, you'll need to re-add the fax.

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    Geeze, my brain is leaking on a holiday!


    The printer is connected to my hard wired ethernet network.
    I had to reset the printing system after the Mavericks upgrade. Then, re-added all printers.

    The HP printer shows up by Bonjour, it can be found by IP as well (once I give the printer's IP).

    Can't find it in fax.


    I had to also install Gutenprint, as all drivers were gone after the Mavericks install.

    It's looking like fax capability isn't present in Mavericks with that printer driver, which is rather annoying, as it was available in multiple other versions of OS X. I had to set up an emergency fax station on one of my Linux boxes, which is supposed to be dedicated for other purposes.


    Searches found others reporting similar issues, one user ended up downgrading again. Apple support site pretty much says, see HP. HP says see Apple.


    I'm no stranger to the command line at all, indeed, most of my system maintnance is done by command line, be it in a Windows system, Unix system or OS X system (Granted, it's a modified *BSD in Darwin, but it's different enough to give one a learning curve). 

    From here, it seems as if the driver either broke fax or doesn't include the fax funcitonality over the network any longer.

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    In AddPrinter, when you select the printer, are you able to use the fax ppd for the 6500? Some of these MFPs required adding the device twice, once for the printer, once for the fax. In the Use menu, choose Select Software and use the filter to narrow down the choices to the 6500 printers.


    There are several 6500s on http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3669, and they show fax support.


    Hope this helps.

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    When I select the fax driver from manually selecting software, it acts like it adds the fax.

    It acts like it "wants" to fax, gives option for the phone number, cover sheet, etc.

    But, it then behaves like it's trying to print on paper. It even gives an out of ink indicator (the printer side is out of ink, I only use the scan and fax out function.

  • John Blanchard1 Level 5 (5,210 points)

    Is there anything in Console or the CUPS logs?

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    I'll be looking at it as soon as I can.

    Had errands that took up too much of the day, plus working on the snow blower before this winter storm dumped a few tons of snow onto my property.


    Just looked outside, halfway through the storm and I saw a foot of snow on one bucket in the yard.

    Fortunately, that isn't the accumulation so far, somehow it drifted on top of only that bucket. The rest looks to be 5-6 inches and climbing.


    So, finishing up diagnosing this and hopefully fixing it is on the list. Right after clearing snow, picking up groceries, a pharmacy stop and fixing the dishwasher.

    On top of my usual schedule.

    It's never really one thing after another, it's really usually one thing on *top* of another!