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Hi guys,


I bought my Lacie Rugged Key in December and it's been working perfectly up until yesterday morning. I plugged it into my 15inch early 2011 MacBook Pro and out of the blue it didn't mount.


When I open system report it comes up with this information in both of my USBs.

Rugged Key USB Drive:


  Product ID:          0x1064

  Vendor ID:          0x059f  (LaCie)

  Version:           a.00

  Serial Number:          1306030000002240

  Speed:          Up to 480 Mb/sec

  Manufacturer:          LaCie

  Location ID:          0xfd120000 / 4

  Current Available (mA):          500

  Current Required (mA):          200



I've tried it on another MBP but no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions? Ideally I'd like to get the data from the hard drive before reformatting it.


Thanks and fingers crossed!