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Hi. I have an iPhone 4s which I am going to give to a relative, because I have bought myself an iphone 5s. So I need to take off some of the apps, photos, email etc that include my information etc. If I take them off my 4s, will they still be kept on the 5s? (I have backed my 5s up on my laptop). I mean once I take the sim out, all my txts, etc will disappear anyway won't they? We live in different countries. I want to keep it as part of my itunes account tho, as she doesn't have the internet where she is. So when I see her again, I can just update it etc by using my itunes. Plus by keeping it on my account, all the apps I have will stay on the 4s, and she can just delete what she doesnt want when she gets the phone. Any help would be appreciated, as she is wanting the phone asap. Thanks

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3