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I came home from work today to find my iPad saying "iPad Dissabled". Having no idea why this was, I did a quick search and noticed that it was potentially due to too many failed passcode attempts.


Trusting that my family wouldn't have done it, I just assumed that it was a small glitch of somekind. So I connected it to my computer and got it unlocked via iTunes


However this is where things got weird. The ipad seems to be doing things by itself now...


Every two or three minutes, while it is locked (with a passcode), it lights up and rapidly tries combinations on the passcode screen! (roughly a full combination every second or so continually until I manually click the lock button again)


Also, When the iPad is unlocked (and getting used), it seems to ajdust the volume by itself every couple of minutes: either muting it or turning the volume right up.

Its an iPad 2 64gb, The software is all up to date, and all the buttons seem to be working fine


Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated,



iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 7.0.4