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I've downloaded Logic Pro and once it opened the first time, it hasn't opened since. Please help.

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    Hi roderick93!


    Here is an article that will help you troubleshoot this issue:


    Logic Pro X: Troubleshooting basics



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  • roderick93 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Braden,


    When I click on logic bro in the dock, then click on it int he launch pad, nothing happens. The computer responds when I click the icon, however, logic fails to open every time. I'm confused as to whether or not there was a problem with its download or whether it will not work because I have not downloaded OS X. I've read through the pertinent section in the manual that concerns launching the app, however, after following its instructions, I am yet unsuccesful. Please feel free to share any of your thoughts concerning the matter.




  • Eriksimon Level 6 Level 6

    How about doubleclicking the app itself in the application folder?

    How about doubleclicking any Logic project?

    To clarify: when you click the app: 1: absolutely nothing happens? 2: it starts to bounce in the dock and then stops? 3: it opens and crashes? What happens?

  • roderick93 Level 1 Level 1

    Whenver I double click the app whether in the dock, application folder, or launch pad, it never bounces. All of my other open windows seem like they are now going to go in the background as another app is beginning to open, however, nothing ever loads. Because I have not begun any projects on logic, there is nothing for me to upload in terms of a file. Does this help to better clarify?

  • Eriksimon Level 6 Level 6

    Not really - just that you apparently have the bounce-on-launch feature turned off. So how do you know Logic doesn't open? Do you get a message? If so, what's it say?

    Also, be aware that Logic can be set to different startup behaviours, on of them being Do nothing. If that is set then the program is open, but it has not loaded any project, so there's no obvious visual clue, other than the little "LED" underneath open apps in the dock. Or is that feature turned off too?

    Another clue would be that the Logic menu would appear in the Menu Bar - that would however visually disappear again if you click anywhere on the desktop (clicking the desktop makes Finder the foreground application - to get back to Logic you'd have to click the icon in the dock again.).