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The cells are of the same type, i.e., numbers, text, etc. There doesn't seem to be any pattern that would indicate a differentiation. (Why you couldn't apply a border to any cell seems a little ridiculous, so I assume that's not the problem.) I should think applying borders to cells would be a pretty basic feature of the application, and any "bugs" worked out long before version '09. Anyway, thanks for any help. (I couldn't find a similar thread in the search, so I do apologize if there is a duplicate I'm unaware of.)

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    Applying Border style is done a little differently in Numbers 3 than in Numbers 2. It's now more Excel-like.


    There is no problem with either app regarding cell borders that I have ever noticed. Here's an example from Numbers 3:

    Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 5.48.15 pm.png



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    Hi,  are you talking about the cell border, or are you wanting to put a space between the cell border and the text?


    If the first, you may be having problems because you are trying to apply a cell border change to a group of cells which have inconsistent borders to begin with.  In this case I find it easiest to simply remove borders from the entire group, and then put in the borders that I want for the group.  But you can also just go in and fix the ones that are wrong, by selecting only those cells (possibly one cell at a time) and making your change.

    While you can do all of this with the controls on the Format Bar, you may find you have more control if you use Inspector - Table inspector (the yellow icon).


    If the second, you are trying to add space betwen the cell border and its contents - like a mat between a picture frame and the picture ... go into Inspector - Text inspector and play with the Inset Margin for the cells.  The caveat above still applies, that if you try to make a change to a group of cells which have different values to begin with you may not get complete results.