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My iPad was stolen once.  I did turn on the tracking feature on that ipad via icloud but the problem was I did not turn on Cellular Plan even though the iPad had both WiFi and Cellular.  The iPad was locked but as soon as it was stolen from my house, there was no way for me to track it because it did not connect to the Internet.


Now I just bought a new iPad and it has both WiFi and Cellular.  My plan is to turn on the Cellular option so even if the Ipad was stolen and moved from my house, it will have the Cellular signal so I can track it via iCloud.  Since I don't know if this method is a good way to track my iPad in case it's stolen, I'd like to ask the experts here to comment on my method and suggest other methods.  Is it possible for the thief to turn off my iPad even if it's locked?  If the iPad is turned off, there is no way to track it.


thanks for your help....

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