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Hi i have a Powerbook G4 that someone gave me that i had to reinstall the OS on. From the get go it had a redish/pinkish tinge on the screen. Even after the reinstall of the OS i get it especially for a while after booting. It fades somewhat but is still there and doesn't entirely go away. I have never owned a mac before so have no clue what to do. I suspect a graphics problem?

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    There have been a few issues and discussions of what is referred to as the 'pink screen' or display whose symptoms had been traced to hardware component failure in them. Some third-party repair companies may still be able to get parts and a few trained specialists may be able to fix the issues of the older computers.


    The PowerBook G4 series goes way back a ways and in running condition could use OS X 10.5.8 and perhaps a few third-party unix based variant systems built for use on Mac hardware. You may be able to find out more by doing a 'identify by serial number' web site search to know exactly the model you have. Also the site http://everymac.com has most machines listed and cross-references them several ways.


    About that pink screen thing...


    pink screen Mac G4 - google search results:



    pink screen PowerBook G4 - results:



    Several components are behind the function of a display, be that in a desktop computer or a portable. So the defect could be a similiar part or component starting to fail. You may be able to cross reference information from sites such as http://ifixit.com to see what other persons did to fix it, or how to attempt a DIY repair.


    There are two noted PowerBook G4 models, a 'titanium'

    and an 'aluminum' among other build models here:



    • identify your Mac - lookup by serial number or model number:



    for a download application database for various models see

    • MacTracker: http://mactracker.ca


    There are cables that flex when the lid is moved, and other parts that sometimes fail due to wear, age, heat, or other cause. The desktop computers that may share some similiar technologies get this issue, too. IF you can find the correct port adapter to try a VGA screen or other supported display, that may let you know more about what parts may have failed. There are several display adapters - that look similiar - & not all will work.


    Hopefully this helps somewhat.

    Good luck & happy computing!

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    Oh thanks so much for all your help. Will give all this a good read. I am a bit of a DIY person with tech stuff so will c how i go

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    OK so i have the aluminium model. I fiddeled with the brightness and noticed that the longer the notebook is on the better the display is. Seemed like the tinge went away altogether when i fiddled with the brightness.

    Gee thats odd i just did a fresh boot after taking the battery out(so i can see the serial number) and it was reddy/pink but within a minute its 99% better. Slight flickering for a minute and now the colour is good. Hmmmmmm. These machines are off sometimes. Maybe i moved it in such a way that whatever cable is making full contact now

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    That can be an old tired fluorescent tube that starts off dim and warms up to full white bright level after a while -- at least on my Pismo, it was/is a known issue.

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    Oh thanks that makes sense

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    I agree. I had the pink screen on my PowerBook G3 and it was due to an old, failing backlight flourescent tube that got better as it warmed up. No cure short of replacing the backlight bulb, which is probably very difficult due to the way it is assembled (glue etc). But if you wanted to attempt it you can search around for the parts on a site like pbparts.com or ifixit.com. Sometimes they have replacement display parts.

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    Thanks good to know if i feel brave enough and the bulb is affordable )