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I have a season pass to a TV show (The Big Bang Theory) that I've bought and paid for.  I should be able to download the latest episode of this program regardless of the status of my credit card, should I not?  I've paid for it... why can't I download it?


The short story is that my work had an unfortunate scheduling mishap with our paychecks because of the holidays and now I'm overdrawn, so iTunes can't verify my credit card.  Why does it need to verify my credit card on a purchase I made months ago and have paid for in full?

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  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,690 points)

    You cannot do anything because you have an invalid/messed up card.

    Just update your payment info to None and you can download what is already paid for.

    You can add CC back after it gets sorted.

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    How do you update your payment information to "none?"

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    Exactly what I did... but iTunes does not provide an option to remove your existing credit card information or set it to "none."




  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,690 points)

    Then you will first need to enter a valid card (to verify your identity since the card currently in there has an issue).

    Then you should be able to see & select None.

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    But again, that's my point.  I shouldn't have to enter "valid credit card information" to be able to download a purchase that I bought and paid for months ago.

  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,690 points)

    It's simple security.

    Since the current CC in your account is not working, your account is blocked.

    You need to prove it isYOU accessing the account by using a valid card.


    Look at it this way.

    Someone walks into a store to pick up a TV they have already paid for by phone/online.

    Hands over some type of ID (drivers license or credit card).

    They check it out and something is not right.

    You will need to give them something valid before they fork over the already paid for items.

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    We may be getting into more of a ideologic discussion here, but it's not a matter of simple security.  If it were "simple security" there are many other ways to validate that I am who I say I am.


    Validate by my username and password.  (duh?)

    Validate by my billing address.

    Validate by my credit card information without actually having to attempt to charge the card.

    Validate by the fact that this computer is authorized to play iTunes purchases from this account.

    Validate by sending a text message to one of my other trusted devices using two-step verification.


    My credit card information is all correct.  The information I am putting in is all valid.  Apple is trying to run an actual authorization on my card.  Why?  Why do you need to validate that my credit card is current and has funds available when all I am trying to do is download something I already paid for?  Using a valid username and password?  On a device that has been authorized?


    I understand your point that it's a security issue, but it makes no sense that it needs to be.  All I want to do is download something I paid for months ago.