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I have an ipad 3 running iso 7.0.4,i can get my emails ok but everytime i try to delete them a message comes up saying unable to move to trash,have tried to delete the account and re enter,checked all my settings against my wifes ipad who also has a outlook account all settings are the same and hers is fine.Mine use to work fine but started with this problem over xmas. I can delete messages out of my icloud account ok...Any suggestions??? have thought about a complete reboot but its asking for a pin code

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 7.0.4
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    You can create a folder called "Trash" in your email account on a computer that would probably solve this. BTW you shouldn't need a pin to reboot: hold down the home button along with the sleep/wake button until you see the apple, then let go.

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    I have this problem too... my ipad mini wont let me delete any messages from my hotmail account... it just says "unable to trash messages" but I am able to do it fine from my iphone. This only started over xmas. My ipad has also lost all my contact details... it says no contacts to display... but they are all still there on my phone.

    I have tried backing up my phone to icloud first, then backing up the ipad but it still wont fix it.

    Any ideas?

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    Something you could try that I did supersleuther to fix my message delete problem is go into you mail account on iPad so that it shows all your folders for that account,and click on edit.Now I had trash folder already but I deleted it and it automatically installed a new one straight away. Since then my ipad deletes the mail just like it use to.