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I have a relatively large library that was initially on iphoto with a tiny hard drive. As it expanded I ran out of space and chose to delete all the un-rotated originals to cut down on the space it occupied. this was a success with no repercussions until today.


I now am in a situation where Aperture can't find the originals and I therefore can't relocate masters on to a NAS (whilst keeping the library on my laptop) as I have run out of space gain and wish to store the photos all on the network as opposed to the laptops drive - I am also about to upgrade my laptop to one with an SSD which is smaller than the HD that I currently have.


Any suggestions?

MacBook Pro 13, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    Aperture needs the originals, if you want to export the edited versions, because the versions will always be created from the originals. All you can save from an Aperture library, if the originals are not available, are the previews.


    To see, which files have been affected by your "space saving" strategy, ccreate a smart album with the rule "File status" is "Missing".

    Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 20.28.40MEZ.PNG

    Thsi should show you all images, where you have deleted the origiginal file.

    To save the previews from this album, select all thumbnails in the browser and drag them to a folder on the Desktop (or better on your external HD). Now you can try to reconnect the images in the "missing" album to the saved previews.

    See this manual on how to reconnect: Aperture 3 User Manual: Working with Referenced Images;  scroll down to the paragraph "Reconnecting Missing or Offline Referenced Images"





    Added: Alternately, open your Aperture library again in iPhoto and try to export the versions.