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I was just watching a youtube video when my ipad air just flashed off and when i tried to turn it on the apple icon started flashing on and off its been doing this for a now day. and i just got it over a week ago.Ive tried plugged it in and it didnt do anything i let the battery die out and restart it and it was still flashing i tried hold both buttons or just one and it just flashes. Help? do i bring it back to apple.

iOS 7.0.4, flashing apple icon, no touch
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    bring it into apple

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    Put your iPad in DFU mode and then do a restore.


    1) Plug iPad into mac with USB cable

    2) Power off the iPad

    3) Hold Power button for 3 seconds

    4) Keep holding Power button and also press home button, hold for 10 seconds

    5) Keep holding Home button and let go of power, hold another 10 seconds


    iTunes should then show your iPad is in recovery mode. The screen of the iPad should be black. If you see the picture of the cable and iTunes you are in recovery mode not DFU.