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When I got my Airport Extreme Base Station, I plugged my printer into it and seemed it seemed to switch automatically to being able to print wirelessly to my printer without even doing anything to set it up.  I don't have to be wireless from my desktop iMac but having it this way enables me to also send wirless prints from my laptop downstairs.   Recently I was having problems with two page printing and I discovered that it worked when I connected my printer directly to the iMac instead of to the Airport station; but in this process I noticed that I had two print drivers: I think one of them was for the wireless but I deleted it.  Even though I don't ever remember having to have done anything in particular to set up wireless for the iMac in the first place.  It just seemed to work as soon as I plugged it into the Airport base. 


So my question is, how do I get my wireless printing back from my desk iMac.  When I plug the printer into the Aiport I have wireless for my laptop, but I have to plug the printer into the Mac directly in order to get printing from the iMac.

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)