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Good evening,


After making an  appointment, I visited the local apple store to discuss a problem apple acknowledged some time ago.



Four years ago I bought a 15" MacBook Pro, serial No. W8*******YJX, but it stopped working 2 days ago. In the apple store they quickly found that the problem is caused by a known problem of this specific model.


I understood this problem was addressed by apple up to one year ago under some extended warranty. However now the price to repair my MacBook would be around 500Euro.


I was advised to contact apple care by the store manager Tristán Doutre-Roussel, of the Apple store gran plaza 2, in Madrid.


However, the person I spoke to at apple care told me that they are not responsible for the manufacturing fault of my MacBook.


At the apple store I was told this failure can be repaired but it was not recommended for various reasons.


I'm absolutely angry and feel cheated by apple. I've been a long time customer owning various apple products.


iPad (serial No. DM*******K10)

iPhone (serial No. DN********TC0)

I'm very careful in using my MacBook as I earn my living in using it. As a result I only use it for specific activities which is probably the reason why this issue hasn't occurred sooner.


I can't understand why I have not been contacted pro actively by apple to bring it in for repair during the period in which this fault was discovered and being repaired free of charge.


I also don't understand why there was a time limit set on this repair period when it was an apparent common failure.


At this point I want to make a formal complaint as recommended by the store manager. I understood that in similar cases, exceptions were granted and apple provided a solution where the main circuit board was swapped and I know for a fact that this still can be done.


As this is clearly acknowledged to be a manufacturing defect, I feel that apple can not distance themselves from this.


I hope to receive a positive answer and I trust to find a solution within a short time frame because I need to use it for my work and don't want to buy a new computer.


With best regards,


José Ignacio Asensio.


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    1. You are not addressing Apple, this is a user to user forum.

    2. You have yet to give any information about what your problem is.

    3. Don't post your serial numbers in public, I will ask for them to be removed.