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i have no idea what's happening, the machine ran fine with 10.4, after i installed 10.5 over the 10.4 on a 60 gb hdd it wouldn't run, I start the machine up, get the chime then the Apple logo and then the machine abruptly shut off after 35 seconds.  installed a new hdd, an 80 gb, formatted it using the 10.4 install disk and partioned it into 2 40gb sections and then installed OS 10.5 onto the 1st partion, get the same result.  the OS seemed to install OK, but as before the machince was shut off when I returned, and behaves exactly the same way, 35 seconds and shuts off.  the Leopard 10.5 is a retail version, have NO idea what is happening.  i read what the requirements for this OS and think I have met them. shutting down so soon into the startup makes me think its a hardware problem.  do have a Logitech marble mouse and a non-Apple usb key board, but as noted had no problems with OS 10.4

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