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My iPad mini with retina is stuck in recovery mode and won't come out of it. I have tried holding the wake/sleep button with the home, but it is still in recovery mode. Every time I plug it into my computer and try to restore the iPad it says after extracting software. The iPad “iPad” could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (17). I have my computer up to date. I got my iPad a week ago.

Mac mini, iOS 7.0.4
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    It is updating your iPad at the same time.



    10. Extracting Software.



    11. Preparing iPad for restore.



    12. Waiting for iPad.



    13. Verifying iPad restore...



    14.Restoring iPad software.



    15. Verifying iPad software.



    16. Verifying iPad Restore...



    17. Restoring iPad firmware...



    18. Your iPad is restored to factory settings; keep iPad connected to computer



    19. Activate iPad



    20. Enter Apple ID and Password



    21. Continue



    22. Welcome to Your New iPad



    (a) Set up as new iPad   (b) Restore from this backup (select from list of backups)



    23. Restore from this backup



    24. Continue



    25. Restoring iPad from backup



    26. The settings of your iPad have been restore; keep iPad connected to computer



    27. Syncing iPad (Step 1 to 5)



    28. Preparing apps to sync



    29. Copying 1 of 9



    30. Sync apps, movies and music to iPad



    31. Finishing syncing



    32. Eject iPad

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    Make sure you temporarily disable antivirus and firewall.

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    I had firewall on, so i turned it off and i dont have anivirus. I get the same responce from itunes.